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Nowadays, almost 19% of the population is suffering from neurocognitive and behavioral disorders such as FASD (Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder), Autism, Behavioural Disorder (BD), and ADHD.

Visual FASD is an App that provides accurate clinical diagnosis for FASD using AI and Deep Learning algorithms.

Mental XR is a suite for the treatment of FASD, Autism, BD, and ADHD which uses immersive technology in Virtual Reality, enabling real-time collaboration between patients, professionals, and families.

PVR is a therapeutic tool to improve affected persons and their families.

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We create real life solutions for professionals, patients, and families to address and mitigate some of the most important neurocognitive disorders: TEAF, THDA, BD, Autism.

Mental XR

A complete suite for treatments

Visual FASD

An App based on iPhone and Artificial Intelligence to create medical grade diagnostics for FASD
Clinical Tests
Years of Experience
Mix Races

Our Services for Neurocognitive disorders

Treatment in VR

Immersive Virtual Reality Treatments for FASD, Autism, Behavioral Disorder and THDA

FASD Diagnostic

Clinical grade diagnostics for FASD


All medical research driven by Hospital Clinic, Barcelona

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Luis Castillo

Co-Founder & CEO IN PVR

Equipo Psychotherapyvr.es

Jacinto Castillo

Co-Founder & COO IN PVR

Equipo Psychotherapyvr.es

Dr. Oscar Garcia

Co-Founder & CSO IN PVR

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